But the bottom line is: Are you tactics deadly? You've got to learn to make your reconnaissance as swiftly as possible. Your strategy should be silent, so that the opponent is never aware of what you have in mind.
     "How can you do that," Swiftdeer asks reasonably, " if you don't even know of the inner enemy? If I'm fighting with you in a competition , I konw that you're there to be a mirror for me so that I can learn to deferat the enemy inside myself. Therefore I owe you a debt of gratitude. Your're there as my teacher. If I do that, then both
people will win, even if I technically lose the match."
     "To confront this inner enemy, you need a totally objective inner validation of your own reality as it is. Start with the five aspects. Look at your emotional circle. Look at the way you deal with tyrants–bosses, lawmakers, those with power over you. How do you let them push your buttons?
     "What are your emotional weaknesses?" he asks. "What are your mental weaknesses? Physical? Spiritual weaknesses? What about sexual
weaknesses? Because all of those things affect a fighter. Not just in competition, but alson in the street. Maybe that means keeping a little journal and being objective, being a witness to how you walk your talk. What you say doesn't matter much. What do you acturally do?
     "One of the things that makes the martial arts such a valuable set of tools is the obvious and profound applicaiton to the other aspects of life. Say you have discovered a flaw in your technique or approach–lack of follow-through, or commitment, for instance. What do you do?
     "Honesty and self-knowledge to the rescue. You realize that the areas that you can't follow through on are your weaknesses."According to Reagan, it is then your responsibility to find the teachers with the tools and weapons to help you through your problem.
     "The bottom line is knowledge," Reagan said philosophically. "Ignorance affects your body. If you have ignorance, your're going to get defeated. So you seek out a teacher, someone who has successfully gone through the very issues that you are going through, or need to go through. Never forget that you're your own best teacher. No one can really teach you anything, but they can guide you, because they've been through the same experience, and can give you the benefit of their passing."
     Oftentimes, the ideal role model is someone we don't personally know, or someone who has died. Even a fictional character can be an effective and valuable guide. How?
     ""You have to realize that your role models are there because your dreamed them into your life," Swiftdeer commented. "Anything that I put ourside myself, whether it be a great martial art master, or anyone I emulate, that person is not really outside of me. I would meditate on whatever it was that I saw in these people externally that I myself possess internally, and then activate those internal aspects.
     "You activate those qualities by practice, by work , and by experience–and by workds that nobody likes to hear today: discipline, commitment and follow-through.

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East mets West: chulukua combines elements of traditional Native American
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